English theatre: „Wild weekend“

Datum: 8. 5. 2019

What are Angus, Shane, Leanne and Denise four teenagers from England looking for in St.Jakob in the Pfarrhof? They want to go on a „Wild weekend“ taking us with them.
The Vienna English theatre has been visiting us for years always providing us with quality acting. This year there wasn’t only our school in the audience but for the first time a group of middle school students from our partner school NMS St.Jakob joined us.
We enjoyed the four very motivated actors taking us on the wild weekend. The story is simple: Four students from London trying to do something different going into the wilderness somewhere in Whales to do some camping. Everybody has different expectations. After some nice moments the first problems arise and with them the first fights come along too. The four spoilt teenagers struggle with challenges such as being without their mobile phones, not having a cuddly bed not getting the hot meals they are used to.
The small party of teenagers are a metaphor of society and life in general: the struggle for power, the desire to rule, the wish to „lead“.
„Leadership“ – a central issue in our society? The play certainly gave us something to think about.