London calling the 4th year (17th – 24th March 2018)

Datum: 26. 3. 2018

Last March we performed a splendid intensive language week in Greenwich. The flight from Klagenfurt to London Gatwick was smooth. In Greenwich we were welcomed by our mostly friendly and caring host families. Since we are used to snow, we didn´t mind having some snow in London as well. But only the first day when we did the hop on hop off tour. It was really freezing when we were chasing the footsteps of Jack the Ripper in the late afternoon. Now we know how the victims might have felt.
The next day the spring arrived and we spent the first morning at the Oxford International Language School. We adored the young male teachers and worked very hard all week. In the afternoons we had different activities allover London. We had a look at London from the Shard, some of us also experienced the London Eye. We got all the information about the Beefeater Distillery and finally even tried some exclusive products. Michael Jackson is still alive on stage – that´s why we sang and danced to his music in „Thriller“.
Last day (after having graduated at the language school) we spent a whole day in Oxford. It was a lovely and sunny day and we had a nice guide who showed us what it means to be a student at the colleges in Oxford. Now we are all motivated and would like to become students very soon!
Finally we want to point out that some of us discovered their talent for successful shopping and will not forget the shops in Oxfords Street, Covent Garden and Camdon Town. Of course we improved during the week in London our competence in English and were fascinated by the sights and the legacy of the British capital. Thanks to our Englisch teacher Stefan Schellander and our class teacher Natascha Partl for organizing this unforgettable school trip!

Jennifer Ibovnik and Bettina Pegrin